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The Dolomites, located in South Tyrol, offer wonderful sights in both summer and winter, and are the destination of many tourists in search of fresh, clean air and outdoor activities.

The Dolomites are the perfect place to recharge your batteries between walks in the silence of the woods and delicious lunches in huts offering local culinary delights. Here is a list of 7 huts and rifugios where to eat in Dolomites!

7 huts and rifugios where to eat in Dolomites

In Dolommites, outdoor activities range from hiking on mountain peaks, to mountain biking on dirt tracks, to rafting in torrents, and must be approached with the right amount of energy.

Our family has been coming to Dolomites for three generations, both in summer and in winter, so we can say that we know the area very well and, being two good gourmets, we have tried many of the huts and refuges in the area. It is certainly very, very difficult to find a place where the food is bad, especially if you opt for the traditional local cuisine, but there are some huts and rifugios in Dolomites that deserve our praise! Over the years they have always been a confirmation and when we return to Dolomites it is a pleasure to anticipate an excellent lunch in one of these huts.

Where to eat in Dolomites? In this article we present you with our list of 7 huts and rifugios in the Dolomites that offer local specialities and where to eat in Dolomites that will guarantee you an authentic culinary experience and the necessary energy!

Oberegger Alm, one of the best huts in the Dolomites

The Oberegger Alm is a mountain hut on the eastern slope of the Plan de Corones, overlooking the Sorafurcia, one of the best huts in Dolomites. It can be reached on foot from the valley, by car on the Egger road that winds up the mountain, or in winter on skis. This alpine hut is definitely one of the best places where to eat in Dolomites, as it offers exceptional dishes made with high quality ingredients.

Originally, the Oberegger Alm was a traditional farmhouse, isolated on a mountain still unknown to tourism and inhabited by a few farmers who looked after their cattle. With the opening of the Plan de Corones ski resort, the farm was abandoned until the early 2000s, when it was renovated and opened as one of the best rifugios in the Dolomites. The external façade and the interior spaces have been preserved in their original state: inside you can still find the old parlour, where people used to warm themselves, and the old kitchen, which is now used as a dining room, but the sooty walls have been preserved.

The ingredients used in the kitchen at Oberegger Alm are of the highest quality: the meat comes from the farm’s own animals raised on the meadows, the herbs and vegetables come from the surrounding fields, and the mushrooms and berries come from the forests surrounding the farm.

At this hut in the Dolomites, you can eat traditional dishes such as dumplings, strudel, Kaiserschmarrn, pappardelle with mushrooms or game ragout, while enjoying spectacular views of the valley from the outdoor terrace.
The Oberegger Alm is open in both summer and winter, but closed during the intermediate seasons. We recommend visiting their website at this link to check opening times and days.

Hofstatt Alm, a must for mountain huts in Dolomites

If you ask us “Where to eat in Dolomites?”, our answer would certainly include the Hofstatt Alm, a mountain hut that opened its kitchens a few years ago and has become a reference in the Antholz Valley. Located in the Antholz Valley, in the mountains above the village of Anterselva di Sotto, the Hofstatt Alm can be reached on foot or by car in the summer and only by foot in the winter. It is advisable to contact the restaurant by telephone, especially in winter, as the opening hours and days may be limited.

It is an ideal destination for a walk that starts from the village and goes through the woods for just over an hour, and is absolutely one of the best places to eat in the Dolomites.
The hut is located in a clearing surrounded by woods, with a large green meadow where you can relax in the sun in summer. In winter, the clearing takes on a magical and evocative appearance: walking along the path through the snow-covered forest, you suddenly find yourself in front of this small hut with its snow-covered roof, warm lights filtering through the windows and smoke rising from the chimney.

The interior of the chalet has a warm and cosy atmosphere, with mainly pine and stone. Outside there is a terrace with tables overlooking the forest and the valley below. In summer there is a lawn with sun loungers, children’s games and a barbecue.

The hut’s cuisine focuses on tradition, but there are two main dishes that we highly recommend you try:

  • The Tyrolean snack with cold cuts: hearty and varied, with excellent quality cold cuts from our own farm, where the animals graze happily in the meadows;
  • The pork ribs: this dish is not available every day (usually only on Sundays, unless it is on the menu in high season), but it is worth planning a visit to enjoy this delicacy, which is slowly cooked from the early hours of the morning.

The chalet is open in summer and only on certain days in winter.

The official website of Hofstatt Alm can be found at this link.

Dove mangiare in val pusteria - Strada innevata in mezzo al bosco conduce alla baita Hoffstatt Alm ad Anterselva - where to eat in dolomites

Huts in Dolomites: Hofstatt Alm in winter

Dove mangiare in val pusteria - Pappardelle fatte in casa con finferli e ragu servite alla Oberegger Alm a Sorafurcia in Val Pusteria - where to eat in dolomites

Huts in Dolomites: Pappardelle with ragu and mushrooms at Oberegger Alm

Rifugio Roma, one of the best rifugios in Dolomites

For sports and hiking enthusiasts, the Rifugio Roma is an interesting option and one of the best rifugios in the Dolomites, located in the Vedrette di Ries National Park at an altitude of almost 2,300 metres above sea level. This refuge has a long history, but was only opened to tourists about 50 years ago.

The hut is accessible only during the summer season and for a short period in winter for ski touring enthusiasts. In summer, a walk of at least four hours is required to reach the hut, depending on your level of fitness. The hut can be reached from either side of the mountain, either from the Antholz Valley or from the Ahrntal Valley.

You should bear in mind that the hut is located near a glacier, so the temperature range from the valley to the summit can be significant, with temperatures dropping to zero. However, if you are a lover of sport and trekking, we strongly recommend that you take this route and reach the Rifugio Roma, where you can enjoy local dishes such as apple strudel or dumplings in broth, which will warm you up after the hike.

Walde Alm mountain hut

The Walde Alm is an alpine hut located in the mountains above the village of Monguelfo, which can be reached either by car or via various hiking and mountain bike trails. Like the Hofstatt Alm and the Huber Alm, it is an isolated building located in a clearing in the middle of the forest.

The original appearance of the building has been preserved, with white stone walls on the lower floor and dark wood panelling on the upper floor, where the bright colours of the geraniums stand out. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, with a panoramic view that extends as far as Monguelfo. The outdoor area is also equipped for children, with an animal park and games.

The interior has a warm and cosy atmosphere, with pine wood panelling and wooden tables and chairs.
The menu offers traditional dishes, such as goulash with polenta and spätzle, the typical green dumplings, often served with cream and ham, but in summer also with other variations, such as with chanterelles.

This hut also respects the typical closing times of the area in spring and autumn, so we suggest you consult the official website at this link for more detailed information.

If you’re searching for a good hut where to eat in Dolomites, both for the beauty of the panorama and for the quality of the food, the Walde Alm is definitely on the list of the best huts in the Dolomites!

Dove mangiare in val pusteria - Baita Walde Alm con balconi pieni di fiori colorati a Monguelfo in Val Pusteria - where to eat in dolomites

Walde Alm

Huber Alm, one of the most traditional huts in the Dolomites

The Huber Alm is a refuge located near the Biathlon Centre in Antholz, where the World Championships in this discipline are held every year.
It is easy to reach as it is situated on the SP44 road leading to the Stalle Pass on the border with Austria and has a large private car park nearby. As it is located directly on the cross-country skiing tracks, it is an ideal place for skiers who want to take a break during the winter. Also nearby is the beautiful Lake Antholz, an ideal destination for both winter and summer walks, so if you are in the area, you have found a great place to eat in the Puster Valley!

Like the Oberegger Alm, this alpine hut in Val Pusteria has been created by renovating an old mountain hut and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Inside, traditional elements such as the parlour and the black-walled kitchen have been preserved, while outside there is a spacious terrace with views of the cow pastures and the Vedrette di Ries mountains.

Recently, the Huber Alm has been extended and modernised, increasing its capacity but, in our opinion, slightly altering its original appearance.
The menu offers traditional dishes, among which we recommend the polenta with sausage and mushrooms, the trio of dumplings, the Kaiserschmarrn and the delicious apple fritters!

The restaurant is open in summer and winter, but closed in spring and autumn.
You can check the opening times and see the menu at this link.


The Enzianhütte or Genziana is one of the huts in the Dolomites, located near the Anterselva Lake in the Pusteria Valley, along the SP44 road.

It is one of the most historic rifugios in the Dolomites, having opened its doors to tourists decades ago.

The building has been restored respecting the integrity of the historical environment and the outside area offers a large terrace and garden with various tables and seats. After a period of closure, the restaurant reopened in 2023, with a revamped menu but still faithful to tradition, and we think the dishes on offer at this chalet are well worth a visit. For this reason, despite its recent reopening, the Enzianhütte is definitely one of the places to eat in Val Pusteria.

The Enzianhütte is an ideal destination for fish lovers, as it offers dishes based on fish from the lake, such as trout, but also from the sea.
Although the menu is not very extensive, the highlight of this hut are the dishes of the day, which can vary and include delicious specialities: during our visit, for example, we were lucky enough to enjoy a delicious braised suckling pig in Lagrein with chanterelles and polenta.

This hut is the perfect place to stop for a meal after a walk around the lake or a hike to Passo Stalle. It has recently been reopened and now offers overnight accommodation.

Mudlerhof, one of the rifugios in the Dolomites with a panoramic terrace

The Mudlerhof is located in Tesido and can be reached by car or on foot. You can either take a path up the mountain from Rasun or make a long hike of about five hours through the mountains from Antholz.

The building has been a landmark in the valley for about 300 years and was originally an old mountain farmhouse isolated between meadows and forests.

The Mudlerhof overlooks a large meadow and offers both a beautiful glazed interior room and a panoramic terrace from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and surrounding mountains. From here you can admire the Plan de Corones and the mountains surrounding Cortina d’Ampezzo, such as the Cristallino, making it one of the most panoramic restaurants in Val Pusteria. The Maso Mudlerhof is one of the best restaurants in Val Pusteria, not only for the panoramic view, but also for the quality of the food.

Like the other huts in the area, the Mudlerhof offers traditional cuisine based on local products. Among the specialities we recommend the Pustertaler Mezzelune, ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach, served with melted butter, Parmesan cheese, nutmeg and chives. You can also enjoy an excellent cheese fondue, which must be booked in advance. For more information, visit the official Mudlerhof website at this link.

The restaurant is open from late spring to early autumn, and in winter, from Christmas until the end of the ski season, usually around Easter. During the winter season, a toboggan run runs right past the Mudlerhof.

Dove mangiare in val pusteria - Baita in legno Enzianhutte al Lago di Anterselva in Val Pusteria con tavoli all'aperto in estate - where to eat in dolomites

Where to eat in Dolomites: Enzianhütte

Dove mangiare in val pusteria - Dolce di frittelle di mele e gelato servite alla baita Huber Alm ad Anterselva in Val Pusteria - where to eat in dolomites

Where to eat in Dolomites: apple fritters at Huber Alm

Dove mangiare in val pusteria - Vista sulle montagne delle Dolomiti dalla terrazza del Maso Mudlerhof in Val Pusteria - where to eat in dolomites

Where to eat in Dolomites: View from Mudlerhof terrace

With this article we hope we have made your mouth water and enticed you to plan a holiday in the Dolomites, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to enjoy delicious traditional cuisine! This is our list of huts and refuges where to eat in Dolomites and we hope you will have the opportunity to go and enjoy a meal in one of these beautiful huts!

As always, we recommend that you stay up-to-date through our newsletter and take a look at related articles, but above all… trip to try!

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