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The Egyptian Museum in Turin Italy is a highly visited museum in and a must-see during a visit to the city. With hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, impeccable organization is crucial to ensure an enjoyable visit for everyone.

This article provides useful information for organizing your visit to this beautiful Turin museum of Egyptology.

Must-knows about Egyptian museum Torino

Here are seven interesting facts about the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

During our visit to the city, we made it a priority to go to the Turin Egyptian Museum of Egyptology, which has an extensive collection of artifacts. The museum is so vast that it would take months to fully explore. This article aims to provide useful information about the Egyptian Museum in Turin Italy to help plan your visit.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin has a rich history.

This amazing Turin museum was founded in 1824 at the building known as ‘Collegio dei Nobili,’ where it remains today in the historic center of the city. The museum opened to the public in 1832 after undergoing renovations, which included expansion and adaptation to its new use. The initial collection included some antiquities from the Drovetti collection that were purchased by King Charles Felix.

During the 19th century, the collection was significantly expanded through exchanges with other museums and the acquisition of works from private collections.

In the early 20th century, the museum received its largest contribution of antiquities as a result of excavations in Egypt by Ernesto Schiaparelli and Giulio Farina. The Rock Temple of Ellesiya, which was donated by Egypt to Italy in 1970 after Italy rescued it from being submerged by Lake Nasser in 1965, became accessible to the public.

In the 1980s, Turin Egyptian museum tour expanded, and the number of tourists visiting this magnificent cultural site increased.

Some numbers about the Egiptian museum in Turin Italy

Number of artifacts in the collection: approximately 40,000

Number of mummies on display: 24 human and 17 animal

Number of papyri: about 700 intact

Number of annual visitors: nearly 900,000

Area of the museum: about 12,000 square meters

Ranking according to The Art Newspaper of the world’s most visited museums: 61st

Informazioni sul Museo Egizio di Torino - Una mummia umana perfettamente conservata esposta al Museo Egizio di Torino (Egyptian museum in Turin Italy)

Mummy on exhibit

How to get to the Egyptian Museum in Turin Italy

The Egyptian Museum is located in the center of Turin and the entrance is on Via Accademia delle Scienze, a street that crosses Via Maria Vittoria and Via Principe Amedeo.

If you arrive in Turin by train, we recommend that you walk from the station in the direction of the center and with a walk of about ten minutes you will have arrived, in this way you can explore the streets of the center and pass by Piazza San Carlo.

The recommended way to reach this Turn museum is on foot, regardless of whether you arrive in the city by car or using the subway. There are several public and private parking lots near the station, and the nearest subway stop is Porta Nuova, located next to the station.

Alternatively, you can take streetcar number 4 or city bus numbers 58 and 58B from the station and get off at the Bertola stop.

Turin museum of Egyptology: opening hours and prices

The opening hours of the Egyptian Museum of Turin Italy are (last update 2024):

  • Monday from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 to 18.30.

Sometimes this famous Turin museum has special opening hours, such as in the evening, so we recommend you keep an eye on the website to keep up to date!

Turin museum of Egyptology has a limited number of visitors, so although you can buy your ticket on site, we recommend that you buy it online.

You can buy the ticket directly from the official website of the Egyptian Museum at a cost of €18 for a full ticket. There are discounts for students, minors, over 70s and journalists, while children under 5 and on their birthday are free.

It is also possible to purchase a “cumulative” ticket for families, consisting of two adults and two minors, at an advantageous price compared to the purchase of individual tickets.

You can add the cost of the guided tour to the ticket purchase, which varies depending on the number of people in the group you choose or if you want to participate in the workshops. In any case, the price of the ticket includes the audio guide, which can be accessed on your smartphone through a QR code, which we found to be effective and detailed.

Another option is to include museum admission in the purchase of the Torino+Piemonte card, a card valid for 1 day, or more if you wish, that allows you free or reduced admission to all the main museums, exhibitions, castles, etc. in Piedmont. If you would like to know more about how this card works and what it can do for you, we suggest you read the article below.

Rules to follow

Touching exhibits, using cell phones and talking loudly are obviously avoided.

No food or drink is allowed inside, but there is a bar along the route.

Photography is allowed, but no flash.

Backpacks are not allowed inside the museum, but small bags are. At the entrance to the museum, near the ticket office, there is a desk where you can request a key for the locker where you can store your backpack. The checkroom is always near the ticket office and is free for all items that cannot be taken into the museum, such as backpacks. Other items that can be taken inside can be left in the locker for a variable fee depending on the size of the locker.

Facilities and Accessibility

All areas of this Turin museum are accessible by stairs, escalators, and elevator. Restrooms are located on each floor near the stairs.

For people who are blind or visually impaired, the Museum offers a tactile path, accompanied by an Egyptologist guide, and service animals are permitted. Canes and other mobility aids are permitted.

For children, the ZeroSix Egypt Space has been created, where young children, accompanied by an adult, can follow a playful path to get closer to the museum.

A café is located on the second floor, while the museum shop is on the ground floor.

Wifi is free and available throughout the building.

Egyptian Museum Turin Exhibition Rooms

The tour of the museum is spread over four floors:

  • Floor -1 houses the ticket office, the cashier’s office, the museum shop and other facilities such as the dressing room and the educational rooms. The visit begins here in a first section that covers the entire history of the museum.
  • 2nd floor: This is where the visit to the ancient artifacts begins, which continues by descending back to floor -1. The second floor displays artifacts from the Predynastic Period in the first section, to the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom in the next two sections, including the wall paintings from the tomb of Iti and Neferu of Gebelein, which have been removed from their original support and displayed in the museum.
  • 1st floor: The first part presents antiquities from excavations in Deir el-Medina, a village in Luxor where the artisans and workers who built the tombs of the kings lived. Next, we enter the reconstruction of the tombs of Kha and Merit. The tombs of these two wealthy spouses were found completely intact, and the uncovered spaces have been faithfully reproduced in the museum, with all the grave goods placed where they were found. This is followed by the Gallery of Sarcophagi, which displays various mummies and related sarcophagi, artifacts found during excavations in the Valley of the Queens, up to the Roman and Late Antique periods.
  • Ground Floor: The ground floor houses the famous Temple of Ellesiya and the Gallery of Kings, perhaps the most impressive room given the size and stature of the statues preserved here, which seem to watch from above as visitors enter the gallery.

The museum also has a third floor, which is usually dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

Informazioni sul Museo Egizio di Torino - Imponente statua nera di faraone conservata nella Galleria dei Re nel Museo Egizio di Torino

Gallery of Kings

Informazioni sul Museo Egizio di Torino - Il Tempio di Ellesiya ricostruito e conservato al Museo Egizio di Torino

Temple of Ellesiya

Informazioni sul Museo Egizio di Torino - Ricostruzione fedele della disposizione degli oggetti del Tombe di Kha e Merit al Museo Egizio di Torino

Tomb of Kha

We hope this article has helped you plan a visit to the Egyptian Museum, or if you are reading it out of curiosity, we hope it has inspired you to plan a visit to this fantastic museum!

The Egyptian Museum is a magical place and a feather in our country’s cap; by visiting it, you will enrich your culture and background and help keep this beautiful museum alive and efficient. We suggest you to visit the official website of the Egyptian Museum of Turin Italy at the following link.

Turin is a fantastic city full of places to learn about, take a look at the articles published on this page to learn more!

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