Unlock the Magic of Torino city in Italy: 7 Essential Travel Tips


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Torino city in Italy is a multifaceted city that offers a wide variety of places to visit: museums, parks, ancient buildings and modern districts make this city a destination where it is impossible not to find something to suit your taste.

In this article we will give you some useful tips and information to better organize your visit to city of Turin!

Turin tourist information: useful travel tips

Nearly two million tourists visit Turin every year, and even if we take into account “day tourists”, the number of people who visit this city every year is greater than the number of its inhabitants. Indeed, the success of the city of Turin is well deserved: from the world-famous Egyptian Museum to modern neighborhoods, from historic palaces to museums and parks, it is a pleasure to explore this fantastic city, whether for a day trip or a vacation of a few days!

For this reason, the city is well organized and attentive to the services it offers to visitors. In this article we will try to answer all the classic questions when planning a trip to Turin, such as “Where to eat in Turin?” or “How to get to Turin?” or even “Where to sleep in the city of Turin?

We will bring back some information and advice that may be of interest if you are planning to visit this fantastic city.

Torino Italy: how to get to?

Torino city in Italy is well connected to the rest of the country by both rail and road networks.

If you opt to drive, there are several highways leading to the city and here is how to get to Turin by car:

  • The A4 highway for those arriving from Milan;
  • the E70 European road, comprising the A32, A21 and A4 highways, which connects Spain to Georgia and passes through cities such as Turin, Piacenza and Verona, ideal for those arriving from France and Emilia Romagna;
  • the E717 European road, or A6 highway, connecting Turin and Savona, used by those coming from Liguria.

If you are staying for several days, we recommend choosing a hotel with parking, because parking lots (especially those near the historic center) are somewhat expensive.

Instead, if you reach the city by train, in addition to the classic regional and intercity trains, here is how to get to Turin by taking advantage of Italo or Trenitalia fast trains:

  • Italo: connects the city with major Italian cities, at a minimum cost of about €9 for the Milan-Turin route and €25 for the Rome-Turin route;
  • Frecciarossa: connects Turin to Milan, Bologna, Florence and Naples; if bought a little in advance, the Rome-Turin ticket costs from about €40;
  • Frecciabianca: offers the Savona-Turin route at a price of about 15 €.

Getting around the city of Turin

The city is served by a network of subways, trams, and city and suburban buses.

The subway has a small network that covers the southern part of the city and terminates at Fermi and Bengasi stations. The closest stops to the historic center are Principi di Acaja and Porta Nuova.

The tram and bus network is much more extensive and covers the entire city.

You can see all the bus routes and their real-time status at this link.

Public transport tickets can be used for surface transport and for a single metro journey and cost

  • 1.70€  for a single city ticket valid for 100 minutes;
  • 10€ for a Multicity ticket, which is a package of 6 city tickets;
  • 3€ for a Daily Ticket, which includes unlimited rides and is valid for the entire day;
  • 17.50€ for a Multidaily 7 ticket, valid for 7 days;
  • 7.50€ for a Tour ticket, valid for 48 hours from the first validation, also available in 72-hour format for €10.

These tickets can be supplemented to also travel to suburban areas by bus or train at a cost that varies depending on the area you wish to travel to.

Tickets can be purchased:

  • On site at ticket offices or vending machines
  • via the To Move app, where all tickets purchased are valid for 360 days and can be validated on the vehicles using a smartphone;
  • for City Tickets, directly with a credit card at special validators located on the vehicles.

Another way to get around the city is through the Uber app, which is widely used in Torino Italy: you will have no difficulty finding a driver who will arrive in a matter of minutes.

As for distances, the historic center can definitely be covered on foot: remember that it takes about 20 minutes to get from the train station to Palazzo Madama.

So, we would suggest walking and discovering the city, strolling through the center or following the Po River to reach Valentino Park or even the Automobile Museum.

If you are tired or need to get to the suburbs of the city of Turin, you can use public transportation or Uber.

Torino city in Italy consigli di viaggio - Passeggiata per le via che attraversano i parchi e conducono al centro storico di Torino

On the way to the historic center

Where to stay in Torino Italy

The most popular area for tourists is the city center, where there is a wide range of accommodation options: from apartments to B&Bs to hotels, more or less luxurious.

In addition to the historical center, there are also other very nice neighborhoods nearby where you can find accommodation at a lower cost. Here are some neighborhoods where you can stay in Turin:

  • Vanchiglia: is located in the northeast and borders the historic center via Corso San Maurizio, basically you are in the center;
  • Quadrilatero: is located to the west of the center and is an area full of clubs and piole where you can go to eat, the border with the center is “imaginary” as it extends to a few meters from Piazza Castello;
  • Crocetta: this is also a central area, but to the south, so it includes the Porta Nuova station area, to be avoided during the night hours;
  • Borgo Po area: this is on the right bank of the Po and offers a nice view of downtown Turin; it includes the Borgo Crimea area, which is on the riverbank and a few minutes from the center, and the more inland and elevated area, where you are surrounded by greenery.

We advise you to be especially careful in the following neighborhoods, which are located in areas that have some problems with petty crime: Vallette, Barriera Milano, Porta Palazzo, Aurora, Valdocco, San Salvario and Falchera.

When to go in Torino city in Italy

Like any city, the best time to visit Florence is in the middle of the year, when temperatures are lower: for example, autumn is a good time to extend your visit to the Langhe and Barolo areas, when the red and orange colors of the vineyards are in full bloom.

In winter, the temperatures are a little cold for a city in northern Italy, but as we all know, the climate has been changing lately and certainly the Christmas atmosphere could give a magical air to this elegant city with the snow-capped mountains in the background.

In midsummer the temperatures can be very high, but the positive feedback is that there are fewer tourists and therefore you will find less queuing to get to places like the Mole Antonelliana.

The Turin Card Museums and Main Attractions

Nowadays, all the Italian cities most visited by tourists offer cards that allow access to the main cultural and historical sites for a single price. Turin is no exception.

If you want to visit the most important places in Torino Italy, such as the Egyptian Museum, the Mole Antonelliana, the Royal Palace, etc., we advise you to buy the Torino Museum Card. This is a nominative card that allows free or discounted access to the main places of interest in Turin and Piedmont.

The duration can be 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days, starting from the first use of the card. The cost starts from 29 € for the daily ticket, with a maximum of 3 entries, and goes up to 49 € for the 5-day ticket, which has no limitations.

It is possible to purchase the Turin Museum Card online on the official website of the city of Turin and Province Tourist Board at this link.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with the QR code to show at the entrance of the places you have chosen to visit.

Alternatively, you can buy the Turin Museum Card at the Tourist Offices or at affiliated points of sale, in which case you will receive a card with the QR code on the back to access the sites of interest.

If you buy the Turin Museum Card, you will also have a discount on the purchase of the Tour ticket to use the public transport we told you about before.

If you decide to buy the Turin Museum Card online, after the purchase you can book visits to the places that interest you, as there are some sites that offer a limited number of daily visits. You can book the visits directly from the official website of the place in question: for example, the Egyptian Museum must be booked through the link, selecting the type of ticket “Egyptian Museum Ticket” and then “CARD Entry”, which, as you can see, is free of charge.

Torino consigli di viaggio - Resti di una statua conservata nella Galleria dei Re del Museo Egizio di Torino

Museum of Egyptology

Torino city in Italy: You can’t forget to do a little shopping!

Lovers of shopping will not be disappointed in city of Turin, where the choice is very wide between galleries, streets with porticos and shopping centers.

The most famous street for shopping is the central Via Roma, which runs from Piazza Carlo Felice to Piazza San Carlo and has arcades on both sides, under which there are shops of medium-priced international brands, but also boutiques of fashion brands between the most expensive.

Parallel to Via Roma is Via Lagrange, narrower and pedestrianized, with boutiques but also shops such as Rinascente.

Don’t forget to stop at the Galleria Subalpina, near Piazza Castello, where you can find historic cafes and shops.

There are also many shops in Via Garibaldi, which starts from Piazza Castello in front of Palazzo Madama and ends in Piazza Statuto, and is entirely pedestrian, very pleasant for a stroll.

What and where to eat in Turin

The city of Turin offers a wide range of food and wine to satisfy every palate. The city has restaurants of all levels, from the cheapest trattorias to Michelin-starred restaurants, of which there are currently 11 in the city.

The typical Turin restaurant, however, is the piola, the equivalent of the typical trattoria, with few seats, generally a very simple place where traditional dishes are served at reasonable prices. Of course, some piole have been modernized and are really well-kept restaurants, but the traditional cuisine (sometimes revisited) remains the fixed and indisputable point.

If you want to taste the typical dishes of Turin and Piedmontese cuisine in general, here is what to eat in Turin:

  • Vitel tonné: a cold dish based on flavored and boiled Piedmontese fassona, served with tuna sauce;
  • Agnolotti (we think they are best with roast sauce): a pasta stuffed with roast meat;
  • Barolo stew: obtained by slow cooking beef in wine;
  • Bagna cauda: a sauce based on anchovies, oil and garlic.
  • Tomini: cheese tomini accompanied by green, red or other variations;
  • Gianduiotti: typical chocolates with trapezoidal gianduia;
  • The bicerin: as the name suggests (in italian local dialect), a small glass containing a drink based on chocolate, milk and coffee.


These dishes cannot be enjoyed without an excellent glass of wine, and Piedmont has plenty to offer: the variety of wines produced in the region is enormous, from reds such as Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo, to whites such as Arneis, Cortese and Chardonnay, to Moscato d’Asti.

In this article we have tried to give you all the information you need to organize a visit to this fantastic city, from where to eat in Turin to where to sleep in the city of Turin, for both a one-day and a multi-day trip. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, we suggest you read the related articles on the Egyptian Museum and the one-day itinerary we followed to explore this beautiful city!

We have also written an interesting article on the one-day itinerary we followed to travel part of the Barolo Road and the romantic Langhe Road to discover Piedmont and its food and wine delights.

We wish you a good trip and advise you to stay in touch with us through the social channels and, as always… trip to try!

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