Explore the city of Turin: 7 Captivating Attractions


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The city of Turin is one of Italy’s most noble and important cities, attracting millions of visitors every year to visit its museums and ancient buildings, admire its historic centre and modern districts, and stroll through its beautiful parks.

Trying to fit all these activities into a single day is a difficult but not impossible task!

The city of Turin offers a variety of activities and places to explore, where the majestic palaces of the Savoy family blend with contemporary neighborhoods. If you only have one day to spare, what should you include in your itinerary? Here is our list of 7 things to do in Turin in one day!

The Mole Antonelliana

Located near the Egyptian Museum, about a 10-minute walk away, the Mole Antonelliana is an imposing 167 meters high.

Taking the elevator up to the Mole Antonelliana is definitely one of the things to do in Turin in one day. It gives you an exceptional view of the city.

Again, we strongly recommend that you reserve your time and buy your tickets online to avoid long lines! The ride up in the elevator is incredibly fast and impressive; it will take you about half way up to the height of the Mole, but you will still be able to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Turin.

Visit to the Cinema Museum of the City of Turin

The Cinema Museum of Turin is located inside the Mole Antonelliana, and it is possible to purchase a combined ticket to visit both.

The Cinema Museum of Turin is also suitable for children, as it offers many interactive experiences, such as virtual reality augmented inside a cartoon. The first part of the visit, dedicated to the history of cinema and the evolution of optics and film instruments, is very interesting, followed by a second part that winds through rooms furnished to reproduce film sets, where you can also see some very famous props, such as a Darth Vader helmet or one of the costumes used in Alien.

We strongly recommend that you visit the Cinema Museum of Turin and, if you have the opportunity, return to visit it, as it often hosts very important temporary exhibitions.

Cose da fare a Torino in un giorno La Mole Antonelliana e la cupola nel centro storico di Torino - city of turin italy

The Mole Antonelliana

Vista dalla terrazza della Mole Antonelliana sui tetti rossi e fino alle montagne di Torino

View from Mole Antonelliana

Antica porta di un cinema e manifesto di proiezione al Museo del Cinema di Torino - city of turin italy

The Cinema Museum of Turin

Visiting the Egyptian Museum, the must see that you can’t miss in the city of Turin Italy

THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM is a must for anyone visiting the city of Turin and (in our opinion) occupies the top spot of things to see in our itinerary “one day in Turin Italy”.

It is one of the most visited museums in Italy and houses an extraordinary collection of artifacts. The Gallery of the Kings is one of the highlights, but the entire visit will leave you speechless!

We recommend booking your visit in advance and purchasing tickets online to avoid long queues. Keep in mind that in order to thoroughly explore the museum, you should plan to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours on your visit.

For more detailed information, please read the article we have dedicated to this wonderful museum, which you can find below.

Informazioni sul Museo Egizio di Torino - Una mummia umana perfettamente conservata esposta al Museo Egizio di Torino

Mummy on exhibition

A walk in Turin city center

As you move from place to place, we recommend that you take a nice walk through the streets of Turin’s historic center and visit the squares, such as Piazza San Carlo, with its historic cafes, or Piazza Castello, overlooked by Palazzo Madama. Next to the Royal Palace is the Cathedral of Turin, which can be reached from Piazza San Giovanni.

If you like shopping, you cannot miss Via Roma, lined with arcades where you can find big brand boutiques, or the impressive galleries such as Galleria Subalpina and Galleria San Federico.

You can’t stay one day in Turin Italy without going to eat in a traditional “piola”!

Whether for lunch or dinner, you cannot miss the experience of eating in a “piola”. Piolas are the equivalent of trattorias, places that are sometimes spartan, but where you can enjoy all the dishes of the typical of the city of Turin and in the Piemonte regional cuisine, including agnolotti, vitel tonné and bagna caoda, which are always on the menu of these traditional and reasonably priced taverns.

On a day trip, you’ll have as many as two opportunities to visit a piola: whether it’s for a quick lunch or a tasty dinner to relax after a day of exploring the city, eating at a piola is definitely one of the things to do in Turin in a day!

We decided to eat at Madama Piola, a modern piola that offers typical dishes that have been slightly revamped, but with great respect for tradition (the agnolotti with roast sauce is a must!).

Visit the Royal Palace Turin

The Royal Palace Turin, is located in the heart of the historic center, next to Palazzo Madama.

A visit to the palace will take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how much time you devote to the different rooms. Walking through the rooms is a pleasant experience; many rooms are well preserved and some are fully furnished. The armoury is particularly interesting, and inside the Royal Palace you will also find the Chapel of the Holy Shroud.

We also recommend that you extend your visit to the garden and library, which can be accessed through a separate entrance from the main palace entrance.

Take a walk along the Po River and in Valentino Park.

Walking from the historic center towards the Po river, you will pass through the university district, where there is a lot of life and many clubs open for a nice aperitif.

Along the banks of the Po you will find various clubs and bars where you can sit a few steps away from the river and enjoy an aperitif. Taking the time to stroll along the banks of the Po is definitely one of the things to do in the city of Turin in a day, so you can enjoy some quiet time and breathe in the lively atmosphere of this wonderful city.

The Valentino Park is located right next to the Po River and, especially in the afternoon, it is full of people: there are those who are doing sports, those who are hanging out for a chat, or those who are simply sunbathing and studying. Inside Valentino Park you will also find Borgo Medievale, where we recommend you continue your walk.

La sontuosa Cappella della Sacra Sindone nel Palazzo Reale di Torino e la cupola

The chapel of the Holy Shroud

Passeggiata lungo la strada che costeggia il Po a Torino

Walk along the Po

In this article we have listed the experiences that we think are essential for a trip to discover the city of Turin, but if you have more days available, there are many other places to visit, such as the Automobile Museum, modern neighborhoods or historic villas, such as Villa della Regina. If you are interested in learning more about some of the topics related to this fantastic city, we suggest you check out the related articles and as always…trip to try!

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