The 9 best Salento beaches on the Adriatic Coast


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Spiagge del Salento Ionico - spiaggia di Punta della Suina - best beaches in Salento

Salento is one of the most popular areas of Puglia for tourists due to the unique beauty of its beaches!

Here are what are the 9 best Salento beaches on the Adriatic Coast that you absolutely cannot miss!

The 9 best Salento Beaches on the Adriatic Coast

Salento is the part of the southern peninsula of Puglia that borders the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west. Both coasts of these seas offer wonderful beaches that attract many local tourists and from all over the world every year.

In general, the beaches along the east coast of Salento, facing the Adriatic Sea, are characterized by rocks and wild landscapes, while along the west coast, on the Ionian Sea, wide expanses of clear sand and crystal clear waters predominate. Choosing between the two coasts can be difficult as both offer extraordinary sights. If you have the opportunity to devote at least a week to discovering Salento, we recommend exploring both the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea areas.

In the article we post below, you can find an excellent 8-day itinerary that will take you on a discovery of Salento, from east to west.

However, if you prefer to focus on the Salento coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea, here are the best beaches in Puglia on the Adriatic Coast of Salento!

Natural sea swimming pools of Marina Serra

In the charming village of Marina Serra is a wonderful natural sea swimming pool, protected from the sea by a cliff. This natural pool is not particularly large, and the space available to relax is limited, therefore, we recommend that you visit it very early in the morning to best enjoy this hidden gem without too much crowding.

There is no sand but only rock and of course, there are no bathing establishments but there are some bars and restaurants nearby.

There is limited parking availability nearby and you will be able to find parking along the road.

The uniqueness of this place, makes the natural pool of Marina Serra one of the most beautiful Salento beaches!

Cala dell’Acquaviva

To the north of Marina Serra lies the picturesque Cala dell’Acquaviva, a small bay surrounded by greenery and characterized by fresh water springs that gush from the seabed.

The name of this place derives precisely from the fresh water springs that contribute to making the environment particularly “refreshing”. Since there are no bathing establishments, Acquaviva Cove offers a natural and unspoiled experience. Here you will find a small bar to cool off and rest. You can stretch out on your towels along the rocks surrounding the cove.

Keep in mind that there are not many parking lots nearby. You can leave your car along the coastal road and walk down to the cove via a flight of steps that leads to the sea.

In our opinion, this cove’s wild appearance makes it one of the best beaches in Puglia and, in particularly, in Salento Adriatic. However, it may not be suitable for those seeking the amenities offered by beach establishments.

Porto Badisco Beach

Porto Badisco beach offers easier access than the previous ones and is located in a picturesque inlet surrounded by impressive cliffs covered with vegetation.

Here you will find a bathing establishment that also provides catering services, allowing you to spend a pleasant and comfortable day at the beach. The particularity of this beach is also given by the fact that, being located near a river, the sand takes on darker shades than the classic light shades of Salento beaches.

We highly recommend taking a walk along the Porto Badisco shoreline and admiring the striking view from the surrounding cliffs.

Although not in the top places of our list of the most beautiful Salento beaches in the Adriatic Coast, this beach still has its own fascinating atmosphere and we recommend you visit it!

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - Cala dell'Acquaviva - Salento beaches

Cala dell'Acquaviva

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - Porto Badisco - Salento beaches

Porto Badisco beach

Spiaggetta dell’Orte

The Spiaggetta dell’Orte is located near Otranto and the Bauxite Quarry, an extraordinary place characterized by the presence of red earth that creates a striking color contrast with the blue water of the lake that has formed in the surrounding area.

As the name suggests, this beach is small in size and can be reached via a path that starts from the main parking lot and requires a walk of about 20 minutes. Being a rather secluded place, it offers an opportunity to enjoy some tranquility. The beach consists of a combination of sand and rocks, while the sea takes on blue hues that make it fascinating and inviting.

Keep in mind that there are no bathing establishments or other services, therefore, we recommend that you make arrangements by bringing water and food with you to spend a pleasant day in this picturesque corner of nature.

Baia dei Turchi, our No. 1 of the best beaches in Puglia in the Adriatic Coast

The Baia dei Turchi is a true jewel of Salento, characterized by a variety of breathtaking landscapes: to the south of the bay, numerous secluded coves open up, while to the north stretches a beautiful white sandy beach with a shallow seabed and crystal clear sea.

To fully explore the coast and discover its hidden treasures, we recommend renting a kayak or sup. Along the coast, you will find ravines and small coves of white sand where you can take a break for a refreshing swim or just relax in the sun.

The Bay of Turks is a wild and fascinating place, where you can find some bathing establishments but most of the space is dedicated to the free beach, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

To reach the bay, there are two main parking lots from which you can take a pleasant walk to the coast or use the shuttle included in the cost of parking that will take you close to the beach.

In our opinion, the Baia dei Turchi is the winning beach in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches in the Salento Adriatic!

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - calette della Baia dei Turchi - Salento beaches

Baia dei Turchi

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - in sup alla Baia dei Turchi - Salento beaches

Baia dei Turchi

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - spiaggetta dell'Orte - Salento beaches

The spiaggetta dell'Orte

Alimini Beach

Alimini Beach, located north of the Baia dei Turchi, is a long stretch of white sand that attracts many tourists. In this area, there are several resorts and hotels, making it more crowded than other beaches in the area.

Here you will find several bathing establishments and a wide range of services available to visitors. Parking lots are available along the coastal road, allowing convenient access to the beach.

Torre Sant’Andrea Beach

To the north of Alimini is Torre Sant’Andrea, a place known for its picturesque bay where majestic white stacks rise out of the sea. There are no bathing establishments in this area, but along the road and in the main parking lot there are some kiosks and small bars from which you can reach the sea by following a path that runs along the cliff. We recommend that you wear appropriate footwear as the path is quite steep.

Once you reach the sea, you can spread your towel on the surrounding rocks and enjoy the view of the stacks. This place is ideal for snorkeling around the rocks and stacks or diving from the rocks overlooking the bay.

Torre dell’Orso beach, the “Caraibi del Salento”

The beach of Torre dell’Orso, known as the “Caraibi del Salento”, is a vast expanse of sand kissed by crystal clear waters.

Surrounded by the picturesque village of Torre dell’Orso, it offers both equipped areas and free spaces, especially in the area near the Due Sorelle, two imposing rocks rising from the blue sea. Its transparent waters and golden sand make it one of the most fascinating beaches on the Adriatic coast of Salento, an attraction that makes it very popular.

To fully enjoy this natural jewel, we recommend visiting it in the early morning hours or late afternoon.

Parking is available along the coastal provincial road, from which you can reach the beach in a short walk of about 15-20 minutes.

Grotta della Poesia

Grotta della Poesia is an almost perfect circular formation that opens into the ground and contains a beautiful natural pool. Diving was possible when we were there, but has recently been banned.

It is possible to spread your towel on the rocks surrounding the cave and swim inside by walking down the ladder along the walls.

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - Spiaggia di Torre dell'Orso, Caraibi del Salento - Salento beaches

Torre dell'Orso beach, the "Caraibi del Salento"

Spiagge Salento Adriatico - Grotta della Poesia - Salento beaches

Grotta della Poesia

We hope we have provided you with a comprehensive list of the most beautiful beaches in Salento on the Adriatic coast! If you are interested in finding out what wonderful beaches the Ionian coast has to offer, we suggest you read the article below! We wish you a good reading and, as always…trip to try!

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