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L'Arena di Verona vista da Piazza Bra - Verona what to see

Romantic Verona is the destination of many Italian and foreign tourists, who want to visit its squares and historic buildings, enter the center of the Arena and take a plunge into the story of Romeo and Juliet.

This article provides useful tips to help you plan your vacation and discover all that Verona has to offer!

7 essential tips for visiting Verona

Verona, and in particular the historic center, is small in size compared to other large cities in Italy, but it satisfies millions of tourists every year with excellently organized accommodations. Here is some information you might find useful for visiting Verona in an easy and organized way!

How to get to Verona

If you are wondering how to get to Verona, you can rest assured as the city is well connected to the rest of Italy and the whole world thanks to its international airport.Verona is easily accessible from various parts of Italy due to its excellent rail, road, and air connections.

The primary train station, Verona Porta Nuova Station, is located in the southern part of the city, outside the historic center. Regional, Intercity, and high-speed fast trains depart from this station. One of the fast train options is Italo, which connects Verona to major Italian cities. Prices vary. Tickets start at about €9 for routes from Mantua and €30 for departures from Rome.
The Frecciarossa service connects Verona to cities such as Modena, Trento, Bergamo, Rome, and many others. If you buy tickets in advance, fares can start at about €40 for departures from Rome.

You can reach Verona by car via several highways and state highways:

  • The A22 Modena-Brenner highway, connects the city to Emilia Romagna and Trentino-Alto Adige;
  • The A4 Milan-Venice highway, connects Verona to the northeastern and northwestern regions of Italy;
  • The state road SS434, also known as Transpolesana, which runs through Veneto.

Valerio Catullo Airport is situated southwest of Verona and offers excellent connections to both domestic and international destinations. It is served by several airlines, including flag carriers and low-cost airlines. If you are traveling from southern Italy, taking a flight to Verona could be a cost-effective and time-saving option, particularly if you book in advance. During certain periods of the year, low-cost flights are available at prices comparable to train fares.

How to get around the city to visit Verona

This small city is easy to explore on foot. Visiting Verona means pleasant walks in the historic center that are not particularly long or strenuous. For example, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the historic center to the train station. We recommend walking to fully enjoy the beauty of the city, discover its colorful buildings, and visit Verona’s museums.

However, if you prefer to use public transportation, the bus system is a great option for visiting Verona.

The most relevant urban line for tourists is line No. 70, which runs through the historic center to Piazza Bra, where the Arena, one of the most popular attractions in the Verona Museums complex, is located.

For a full list of city bus routes, please visit this link. There are various ticket options available depending on your needs.

  • A day pass, which covers one or more areas, costs between 4 and 10 euros, depending on the areas you plan to visit. If you are staying mainly in the center, a city pass should be sufficient and costs less;
  • The 3-day ticket costs 20 € and covers all zones;
  • The weekly ticket costs 40 € and is valid for the entire urban and suburban network.

For those who plan to use the bus solely for travel between the station and the city center, the 90-minute city ticket priced at €1.30 is the most suitable option.

Verona also provides an airport shuttle service for those arriving by plane, which costs €6 per person for a single trip.

Regarding parking, there are various options available. If you arrive by car, you can choose between free street parking or paid parking lots. The Tribunale parking lot, which is situated a 10-minute walk from the Arena di Verona, is a great option for those who want to avoid searching for free parking but still want to be close to the historic center to visit Verona. Additionally, there are more expensive parking lots available, such as the underground Cittadella parking lot, which can be reserved in advance.

Where to sleep in Verona: hotels in Verona city centre or outside?

Verona offers various types of accommodations, but the most popular district is undoubtedly the historic center, where you can find most of the major monuments and attractions. Here, you can choose from a wide range of options, from cozy vacation homes to luxurious 5-star hotels. 

If you want to save on the cost of accommodation without straying too far from the center, you might consider Veronetta, a neighborhood just a few minutes’ walk from the heart of the old city.

If you have a car and want to explore the surrounding areas, such as Lake Garda or Valpolicella, there are accommodations available in the hills surrounding the city. These accommodations offer a quieter setting with breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

In general, when considering where to stay in Verona, it is recommended to choose a location in one of the hotels in Verona city centre. Accommodation prices are reasonable and there is a variety of options available. It is important to note that the original text was already concise and clear, so no major changes were necessary.

Visitare Verona - Passaggio sull'Adige attraversando il Ponte Pietra a Verona - Visiting Verona

View of the Adige

When to go to Verona

To visit Verona, the intermediate seasons with mild temperatures are generally the most recommended, as with all cities.

Autumn is a great time to admire the fall colors along Lake Garda or enjoy the pleasant weather while exploring the city.

Spring also offers pleasant temperatures and less intense sunshine, making it ideal for visiting Verona.

Summer can be a great time for visiting Verona, especially if you’re looking for a cheaper time for accommodation and don’t mind the heat. However, keep in mind that temperatures can get quite hot, so be sure to prepare accordingly.

In the winter, temperatures can be cold, but they have been fairly moderate in recent years. Visiting Verona during the Christmas season offers an enchanting atmosphere with its decorations and lights, making it a great time to visit, although it can be colder.

Verona Card for visiting Verona and its museums and attractions

Like many other Italian tourist cities, Verona offers a tourist pass called the Verona Card, which provides access to major sights and museums at a subsidized cost.

The pass is available for €20 for 24 hours or €25 for 48 hours, starting at the time of the first entry to one of the monuments included in the Civic Museums list. The Verona Card provides access to famous sites such as Juliet’s House, the Arena, and the Lamberti Tower, as well as other museums in Verona that are equally worthy of a visit.

One advantage of the Verona Card is that it includes unlimited use of public transportation within the city during its validity period.

To save time, you can purchase this card online and avoid the lines at tourist offices. Additionally, to avoid long entry lines, we highly recommend reserving your visiting time, especially for Juliet’s House.

Please note that the Verona Card must be picked up at one of the Civic Museums, not at the tourist offices. At some major attractions, there are separate lines for Verona Card holders and those who have not yet purchased or picked it up. Typically, the latter line is much longer. If you find yourself on a crowded day with long lines, you can obtain your card at a less crowded location and then visit the attractions.

If you plan to visit Verona and its monuments, we recommend purchasing the Verona Card. It will save you money on individual tickets and museum access time.

For more information and to purchase the Verona Card, please visit this link.

L'alta Torre dei Lamberti svetta su Piazza Bra nel centro storico di Verona

Torre dei Lamberti

Gli spalti dell'Arena di Verona e l'unico pezzo dell'anello esterno rimasto intatto

Arena di Verona

Il romantico balcone della camera di Giulietta Capuleti a Verona

Juliet's balcony

Where and what to eat in Verona

If you intend to visit Verona and want to save time during your break, we recommend buying a sandwich or focaccia to enjoy while comfortably seated on a bench along the Adige River or in a beautiful park. Alternatively, in the historic center, you will find a wide selection of trattorias and take-away meal places to suit all needs.

In various bars, you can enjoy an excellent glass of wine accompanied by tasty cicchetti. Cicchetti are small food samples, similar to Spanish tapas. They may include bread croutons with sliced meats or fish, as well as single portions of pasta or cereal salads.

If you want a more substantial meal in a restaurant, whether in the historic center or in the outlying areas, you will be spoiled for choice among numerous restaurants offering typical Venetian and national cuisine, some of which are upscale and world-renowned.

Here’s what to eat in Verona to enjoy the traditional dishes the city has to offer:

  • Bigoli con le sarde (or sardèle): a long but thicker pasta than spaghetti, accompanied by a white sauce made with sardines, often eaten during Lent and especially on Fridays, although it is now a regular presence on all restaurant and trattoria menus;
  • Gnocchi: a specialty of Verona, especially during carnival, served with sauces ranging from elaborate to simple, such as butter and sage.
  • Pearà: a sauce made with marrow broth, breadcrumbs, pepper and parmesan cheese, usually accompanied with boiled meat;
  • Polenta e osei: polenta accompanied by small birds cooked on a spit and flavored with bacon or lard;
  • Risotto al tastasal: a white risotto with pork mixture with a strong and delicious flavor, originating in the peasant tradition in which scraps from the production of cured meats were used.

Where to shop in Verona

In Verona, the main shopping street in the historic center is Via Mazzini, which connects Piazza Bra with Via Cappello, located next to Piazza delle Erbe. This street offers a variety of stores, from clothing chains to high-fashion boutiques.

Other streets that are ideal for shopping include Via Cappello, Via Scala, and the Galleria Pellicciai.

In Piazza delle Erbe, you can find stalls selling typical products and souvenirs.

If you are interested in shopping outside the historic center, consider visiting the Adigeo shopping center. This can be a good option, especially in bad weather.

Visitare Verona - Vetrine di negozi e boutique si affacciano sulla via Mazzini nel centro storico di Verona - Visiting Verona

Via Mazzini

We hope this article has provided you with useful information for planning your romantic vacation in Verona. To discover the must-see places in this beautiful city, we recommend reading our dedicated article. Stay updated through the newsletter and as always…trip to try!

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