Mezzavalle Beach Magic: 7 Insider Tips to Elevate Your Experience


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Gli ombrelloni bianchi sulla sabbia dorata e il mare blu della spiaggia di Portonovo

Mezzavalle Beach is an absolutely amazing place that holds a very special place in our hearts! It is truly authentic and resilient in remaining an unspoiled corner of paradise, sheltered from the influx of mass tourism. It is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, where the refreshing scent of pine trees mingles with the salty sea breeze!

In this article, we are thrilled to share valuable information about this fabulous beach, which continues to enchant anyone who ventures the Conero Riviera!

Mezzavalle Beach is one of the most precious and unspoiled jewels of the “Parco regionale naturale del Conero. Its unique characteristics make it an oasis of wilderness, where the crystal blue sea blends with the lush vegetation that stretches along the cliffs surrounding it. It captures our hearts and is a must-see on our travels every year because it offers a feeling of peace and freedom that is hard to find elsewhere. We hope this article effectively communicates to you at least some of the wonderful emotions one feels when immersed in this corner of paradise.

Mezzavalle beach: how to get there and where it is located.

The beautiful Mezzavalle beach is situated in the stunning coastal stretch between Ancona and Portonovo.

The beach is bordered to the north by the striking Trave rock and to the south by the enchanting Portonovo Bay.

To get to Mezzavalle beach, you can either take the dedicated trail on foot or travel by sea using a boat, stand-up paddleboard or kayak.

To access the pedestrian entrance of the trail, drive along the Strada Provinciale del Conero, a scenic road that starts in Ancona and follows the entire coastline to Marcelli, passing through towns such as Poggio, Sirolo, and Numana. This road offers spectacular views of the Adriatic coast.

The beach is not directly accessible by car; you must park nearby and then follow a path down the cliff, which takes about 20 minutes. This trail goes through dense vegetation and offers the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings as you approach the beach.

Another option to reach the beach is by sea, using a paddleboard or kayak, starting from Portonovo Bay or the beaches of Ancona, such as the Passetto beach. However, please note that the sea journey from Ancona is quite long, so it can be challenging and, in general, we do not recommend it.

Kayak in partenza per la spiaggia di Mezzavalle dalla Baia di Portonovo

Departure by kayak along the Conero Riviera

Parcheggio Mezzavalle: dove lasciare la macchina

Nelle immediate vicinanze dell’accesso al sentiero che conduce fino alla spiaggia, sono disponibili tre parcheggi, che sono utili anche per visitare altre spiagge della riviera del Conero, come quelle di Portonovo.

Il primo parcheggio è il più vicino all’accesso, ma, a meno che non arriviate al mattino presto, è spesso pieno dato che è gratuito e le sue dimensioni sono relativamente limitate.

Il secondo parcheggio si trova leggermente più avanti lungo la strada provinciale ed è anch’esso gratuito. Tuttavia, come il primo, è di dimensioni ridotte e spesso si satura rapidamente, anche perché viene utilizzato da coloro che prendono la navetta per raggiungere Portonovo.

Il terzo parcheggio, invece, è a pagamento ed è un prato situato a breve distanza dall’accesso al sentiero. In questo parcheggio non avrete difficoltà a trovare un posto libero, anche se richiede una piccola spesa.

Se avete intenzione di raggiungere la spiaggia in sup o kayak partendo dalla Baia di Portonovo, potrebbe essere una buona idea provare a parcheggiare in uno dei due parcheggi pubblici, nei pressi delle baie di Portonovo: il parcheggio La Torre o il parcheggio Lago Grande. Anche questi parcheggi possono riempirsi rapidamente, quindi l’arrivo al mattino presto è un consiglio prezioso per garantirsi un posto.

When visiting the Conero Riviera, it is important to be prepared for parking.

There are three parking lots near the beach access point, which can also be used for visiting other beaches in the area, including Portonovo.

The first parking lot is the closest to the access point, but it is often full unless you arrive early in the morning due to its limited size and free availability.

The second parking lot is situated further along the provincial road and is also free. However, like the first, it is small and often fills up quickly, partly because it is used by those taking the shuttle bus to Portonovo.

In contrast, the third parking lot is fee-based and is a meadow located a short distance from the trailhead. You should have no difficulty finding a free spot in this parking lot, although it does require a small fee.

If you plan to reach the beach by sup or kayak from Portonovo Bay, consider parking in one of the two public lots nearby: the La Torre or Lago Grande. These lots can fill up quickly, so arriving early in the morning is recommended to secure a spot.

How to get to Mezzavalle by sea: Portonovo is the best choice

As already mentioned, to reach the beach of Mezzavalle by sea, we suggest that you start from the northern bay of Portonovo, where you can hire equipment such as canoes and kayaks. One of the places where you can find this service is Emilia, a well-known bathing establishment in the area.

The sea route is extremely short and in just ten minutes you can reach the beautiful beach of Mezzavalle. This short crossing will take you through crystal-clear waters and enchanting coastal landscapes, offering incomparable panoramic views of the Conero coast.

We recommend this experience to enjoy the view of the Conero Riviera from the sea.

What the beach of Mezzavalle looks like

The beach of Mezzavalle, a hidden gem among the natural beauties of the Conero Riviera, extends for almost two kilometres and offers a wide space where you can enjoy the sea and the surrounding nature without being in the middle of the crowds. Standing on the beach, the eye is immediately caught by the majestic wall of vegetation that rises behind it, creating a natural separation between the tranquillity of the coastline and the provincial road above, at an altitude of around 140 metres.

To make the most of the sun, it is advisable to position yourself on the southern part of the beach, as the northern part tends to be shaded earlier.

Stand up paddleboard per raggiungere la spiaggia di Mezzavalle

Arriving by sup at the beach

Il mare azzurro e blu e la sabbia di ciottoli bianchi della spiaggia di Mezzavalle

The blue of Mezzavalle beach

La sabbia dorata, i ciottoli bianchi e il mare blu della spiaggia di Mezzavalle

The beach

Restaurants and other services

On Mezzavalle beach you will find a cosy bar-restaurant that offers not only light meals such as toasts and sandwiches, but also a limited selection of hot dishes that vary according to the ingredients available, such as spaghetti with clams or fritto misto. The highlight of the bar is its beautiful rooftop terrace, which overlooks the beach, giving you a great view while you enjoy your meal.
Showers and toilets are located near the bar.

The beach is not equipped with sunbeds and parasols. We recommend that you bring a towel or mats to lie on in the sand. To protect yourself from the sun, an umbrella or sunshade will be invaluable to find some shelter and enjoy the day without worries.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the “Parco regionale naturale del Conero” at sunset

This place offers a truly magical atmosphere, especially at sunset when a pleasant sea breeze begins to blow.

The sun slowly sinks behind the Conero Mountains, turning the sky an intense orange. The sea breeze is cool and refreshing, and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore provides a soothing backdrop.

This is the perfect time to stretch out on the beach or, if like us you have brought a paddleboard, grab a beer at the bar and take it out into the sea on the board to enjoy the gentle sound of the waves and admire the beach from a different perspective.

The beach begins to empty and the feeling of peace and tranquillity is total. Alternatively, you can go as far as the Trave Rock, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach of Mezzavalle and the beaches to the north.

Scoglio del Trave is a rocky promontory just a few metres from the beach. It is possible to climb to the top of the cliff from where you can see the beach in all its beauty, with its crystal clear water and fine sand.

Con il sup in mezzo al mare al tramonto di fronte alla spiaggia di Mezzavalle

Sunset on sup

With this article, we hope we have inspired you to spend an unforgettable day on the beautiful beach of Mezzavalle and given you valuable suggestions for planning your next beach adventure! On the Conero Riviera, there are numerous other breathtaking beaches that are worth exploring, so below, we offer an article dedicated to these hidden gems. Stay updated with us through our newsletter and, as always… trip to try!

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