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Valencia is a great city to explore on foot. You can easily get from one side of the city to the other, passing through its historic centre, the Ciutat Vella, and the vast green parks. During our trip to discover Valencia in three days, we had the chance to explore this magnificent and sunny city, where ancient and modern districts create a unique atmosphere.

So, here’s our ‘3 day itinerary Valencia’ that we followed to get a real feel for the city and see its main sights!

What to see in Valencia in three days – “3 DAYS IN VALENCIA ITINERARY”

Valencia is located approximately halfway down the southern coast of Spain, well sheltered from the cold westward currents, which means that the sun shines in this city for most of the year and temperatures are mild and pleasant. This climate makes Valencia one of Europe’s most pleasant and ‘sunny’ cities, where walking and exploring the most important sights are pleasant and relaxing experiences.

Due to its small size, Valencia is perfect to visit in just a few days, and in this article we will share with you our itinerary of 3 days in Valencia to help you make the most of your time in this amazing city!

3 DAY ITINERARY VALENCIA – DAY 1: Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Playa de la Malvarrosa

On the first day of our ‘3 day Valencia itinerary’, we went from the historic centre to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia’s answer to the Guggenheim. It’s definitely worth spending some time here if you’re visiting Valencia in three days, as it’s a unique neighbourhood.

This place is the most famous in Valencia, despite being relatively new. The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències was only completed in 2009. It’s a true quarter of the city, with buildings designed according to the principles of organic architecture. This aims to find the meeting point between the natural world and the built and artificial one. The buildings that make up this amazing area look like they were inspired by the human body and the sea.
The buildings that make up the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències are:

– The Hemisfèric, which has a 3D digital cinema;

– The Umbracle, a garden with high arches that turns into a discotheque at night;

– The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, which is the Valencia Opera House;

The Museu de les Ciènces Principe Felipe, which has various interactive experiences, including for children;

– The Agora, a covered square used for screenings, exhibitions and shows.

– The Oceanogràfic, the most famous and most visited complex, with an aquarium housing various ecosystems.

Although we were aware that a complete visit to all the buildings would take at least two days, given our limited time availability, we opted for a walk around the neighbourhood to admire its extraordinary architecture, before dedicating the morning to the most famous building, the Oceanogràfic.

Valencia’s Oceanogràphic is an incredible complex, housing Europe’s largest aquarium, with a blue-glazed main building and a white roof, reminiscent of the shape of a seashell. Inside, you can explore a wide range of ecosystems, from the Mediterranean to Arctic and Antarctic zones, as well as temperate zones and oceans.

For those who would like to learn more about the City of Arts and Sciences, we invite you to stay updated on our website, where we will soon publish an article dedicated to this complex, with a special focus on the Oceanogràfic.

After lunch at the Oceanogràfic, we walked to the Playa de la Malvarrosa, Valencia’s most famous beach and the one most frequented by locals, reaching it with a pleasant walk of about three quarters of an hour through the port of Valencia.

Playa de la Malvarrosa is characterised by a long stretch of golden sand bathed by the blue waters of the sea. Along the avenue that runs alongside it, you will find various bars and restaurants, and wide spaces bordered by palm trees, the perfect place for pleasant walks, skating or cycling. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beach, and decided to stay for dinner as well, enjoying an excellent paella de mariscos in one of the places that line the promenade to happily conclude the first day of our “3 day Itinerary Valencia” to visit Valencia in three days.

Valencia itinerario 3 giorni - Tramonto alla playa de la Malvarrosa

Sunset at Playa de la Malvarrosa

Valencia itinerario 3 giorni - Il Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia e l'Hemisfèric

Ciutat de Las Arts i les Ciènces

Valencia itinerario 3 giorni - Oceanografic

The Oceanogràfic

3 DAY ITINERARY VALENCIA – DAY 2: Lonja de la Seda, Mercat Central di Valencia, Ciutat Vella, Torres de Quart

On the second day of our three days in Valencia itinerary, we started the day by heading to the Lonja de la Seda, also known as the Silk Loggia (or Merchants’ Loggia). This imposing Valencian Gothic structure has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for almost 30 years. It’s a complex of three buildings that has been the heart of the most crucial bargaining and business between the silk and oil merchants since the 15th century. It also housed the maritime mercantile court and prisons for merchants who were accused of fraud. Inside the complex is a courtyard, known as the Patio of Oranges.

After our visit to the Lonja de la Seda, we crossed the street to explore Valencia’s vibrant Mercat Central. We made a brief stop at the antiques market that takes place every Sunday in the Plaça del Mercat.

Valencia’s Mercat Central is one of the largest covered markets in Europe, with lots of stalls selling a wide range of fresh produce, including fruit, fish, meat and vegetables. But that’s not all – you’ll also find spices, sweets and street food. Exploring this place is more than just a stroll through the stalls of any market; it’s an immersion in Valencian gastronomy and the daily life of the city. You’ve got to try some delicious jamón serrano at one of the street food stalls!

The building that houses Valencia’s Mercat Central has a modern glass and steel structure, which is quite different from the austere Valencian Gothic architecture of the Lonja de la Seda. This contrast is one of the things that make Valencia so interesting! Just think of the contrast between the modern Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and the atmospheric Ciutat Vella, the two most emblematic districts of the city!

After exploring Valencia’s lively Mercat Central, we spent part of our afternoon exploring the surrounding area of the Ciutat Vella. We finally arrived at the imposing Torres de Quart, a building with two majestic towers that was erected in the 15th century with a military defensive purpose.

In the past, the towers were part of the city’s defensive fortifications, the walls of which have been largely demolished over time. However, the Torres de Quart, along with others like the Torres dels Serrans, have remained as evidence of that historical period and are practically perfectly preserved. Located at the intersection of two of Valencia’s most important streets, Carrer de Quart, the street that crosses Valencia’s Ciutat Vella, and Carrer de Guillem de Castro, the street that ran alongside the city walls, these towers offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of Valencia.

Still visible today are the marks left by the cannon shots that the towers suffered during the Spanish War of Independence. We highly recommend purchasing a ticket to climb to the top of the Torres de Quart, the cost of which is affordable (2 €). After a short climb, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city from the top of the towers.

We ended the second day of our ‘3 day Itinerary Valencia’ with an excellent dinner in the Ciutat Vella.

itinerario valencia 3 giorni - ciutat vella valencia

Walking around the Ciutat Vella in Valencia

cosa vedere a valencia in 3 giorni - vista dall'alto sulla città di Valencia

View over the rooftops of Valencia

itinerario valencia 3 giorni - mercat central valencia

Valencia's Mercat Central

3 DAY VALENCIA ITINERARY – DAY 3 – Plaça de la Reina, Catèdral di Valencia, Micalet, Plaça de la Verge, Ciutat Vella, Torres dels Serran, Barrio del Carmen, Jardí del Túria

On the last day of our ‘Valencia 3-day itinerary’, we went back into Valencia’s old town to explore the rest of the city. We went towards the impressive Valencia Cathedral and stopped at the Plaça de la Reina to have breakfast in one of the lovely cafés overlooking the square.

The Plaça de la Reina is one of Valencia’s main squares, with great views of the impressive Cathedral and its Micalet bell tower. On the other side of the Cathedral is the lovely Plaça de la Verge, the heart of the city’s historic centre. This pretty pedestrian square is smaller than the other two, but it’s still worth a visit. It’s completely paved in pink marble and has the Turia Fountain in the centre, surrounded by the imposing presence of the Cathedral, the Government Palace and the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados.

After visiting these two iconic squares, we set out to visit the magnificent Valencia Cathedral and had the opportunity to climb its tower, the Micalet. The cathedral was built in the 13th century on the site of an earlier mosque. It has a stunning Gothic style, which has been enriched over time by several modifications.

The interior of the cathedral is a real gem. It has recently discovered frescoes of the high altar and it’s said that the ‘Holy Grail’ is kept in one of its chapels. The bell tower, known as the Micalet, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city. It does require a climb of over 200 steps, but it’s definitely worth it!

Once we’d taken in the city from above, we headed into the Ciutat Vella, where we explored the pretty alleyways and strolled along the main streets, such as Calle dels Cavalleres and Calle de Calatrava. These streets are lined with shops, cafés and small green squares with outdoor tables, which we’d highly recommend for a lunch or an aperitif. After lunch of typical Spanish tapas, we carried on to the Torres dels Serrans, passing through the lively Barrio del Carmen district, which is known for its nightlife and atmospheric alleyways that are home to various bars and restaurants.

The Torres dels Serrans, like the Torres de Quart, are ancient defensive towers that marked the boundaries of the city of Valencia. Perfectly preserved, they offer the possibility of being visited and climbing to the top to enjoy another spectacular view of the city of Valencia.

Finally, we headed for our last stop, the Jardí del Túria, a vast park surrounding the Ciutat Vella to the north and east. This long green belt offers pleasant walks and the chance to observe everyday life in Valencia, with people running, training in skate parks or reading a book in the shade of the trees. A perfect place to end our adventure discovering Valencia in three days, immersed in its beauty and tranquillity.

cosa vedere a valencia in 3 giorni - jardi del turia

Jardí del Túria

itinerario valencia 3 giorni - placa de la reina, cattedrale di Valencia e Micalet

Valencia Cathedral and Micalet

cosa vedere a valencia in 3 giorni - vista dalla cima del Micalet a Valencia

View over the roofs of the Cathedral from the Micalet

In this article, we have proposed our itinerary for a trip of 3 days in Valencia and we hope that it will give you some inspiration for planning your own! As you may have read, it is possible to visit the main attractions of Valencia in three days, moving around on foot, so that you can fully experience the atmosphere of this sparkling city.

In fact, our stay in Valencia lasted an extra night, the night of our arrival day, and we had a fantastic and fun evening discovering Valencia’s nightlife. If you are curious to find out what Valencia has to offer in the hours after sunset, we recommend staying connected with us  and as always…trip to try!

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