Ultimate 5 Day Bali Itinerary: Your Guide to Island Bliss


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Bali is renowned for being Indonesia’s main tourist island, attracting a wide range of visitors. It is an ideal destination for honeymooners looking for romance, surfers on the hunt for the perfect wave, backpackers and people seeking balance and meditation.

Here’s our Ubud Bali travel itinerary for 5 days!

Bali itinerary for 5 days: what to see in Bali in 5 days

The range of experiences available on the island of Bali is so diverse that it would take months to explore fully. Bali offers stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, ancient temples, fascinating cultures, and excellent cuisine. It is a place where you can enjoy the luxurious comforts of hotels and resorts, but also immerse yourself in the authentic rural life of Balinese villages.

During our five-day trip to Bali, we focused on exploring the interior and central areas, visiting a variety of attractions such as waterfalls, beaches, rice paddies, and temples. We have provided our “5 day Bali itinerary” in this article, which we hope will inspire you to plan your own trip to Bali.

5 Day Bali itinerary – DAY 1 – Ubud Bali

On the first day of our “5 day Bali Itinerary” we traveled to Ubud Bali, we arrived at Denpasar airport in the early afternoon. Our private driver was waiting to take us to our accommodation, which was located near Ubud Bali, one of the most popular resorts on the island.

We took a leisurely stroll through the picturesque centre of Ubud Bali, walking past many shops, restaurants, and clubs. We also visited the town’s traditional market, where you can buy various local handicrafts, exotic fruits, and beautiful clothes.

The evening brought us to the stunning Palace of Ubud in Bali, where we enjoyed traditional Indonesian dance performances. The dancers wore typical costumes and colourful masks, often in the shape of animals.

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Ballerina durante spettacolo di danza tradizionale a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Traditional indonesian dance

5 Day Bali itinerary – DAY 2 – Rice fields, Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple, Tirta Empul Temple, Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation, Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali

The second day of our 5 day Bali travel itinerary started early in the morning: taking advantage of the absence of many tourists, we headed to the rice terraces of Abian Desa. These rice fields are less crowded than the more famous Tegallalang rice fields, but just as charming. The visit to the rice fields lasts about an hour, during which we were able to walk along the paths that cross the fields, meet farmers at work and capture spectacular photographs of the green terraces surrounded by the jungle.

After the visit to the rice fields, we headed to the Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, a lesser-known place but a true jewel of Bali. This ancient temple dating back to the 11th century is known for its sacred tanks where purification rites can be performed. Some of these tanks are inhabited by colorful carp, creating a magical and relaxing atmosphere that lends itself to meditation sitting along the edge.

Next, we moved to another famous temple, Tirta Empul. This temple is very large and renowned, due to which it attracts a large number of visitors. Unfortunately, its fame has led to a large influx of tourists, compromising the serene and spiritual atmosphere typical of Indonesian temples. The sacred pools of Tirta Empul are often crowded with tourists queuing to take photos, making it difficult to fully experience the true meaning of the purification ritual.

After visiting the temples, we took a break to explore the Segara Windhu coffee plantation. There, we had the opportunity to taste the famous Indonesian coffee known as Kopi Luwak. Kopi means coffee in Indonesian, while Luwak refers to the mongoose. Interestingly, Indonesian coffee is produced from the feces of mongooses that eat the coffee berries and modify their flavor during digestion. This process replaces the distinctly bitter notes with more roasted ones. During our visit to this plantation, we had the opportunity to taste coffee and herbal tea. We were able to appreciate the different tones of coffee produced by male and female luwaks, the fruity nuances of ginseng coffee with added exotic fruits such as mango, and delicious herbal teas, including mangosteen.

Our final destination of the day was the renowned Monkey Forest of Ubud Bali, located near the city centre. It was a fun experience to walk among hundreds of monkeys that live freely in the park. The monkeys in the park are accustomed to tourists, so they move calmly along the paths in search of food or items to pilfer. They also rest on trees or statues that decorate the park. Additionally, the forest contains a Hindu temple and a traditional Balinese cemetery.

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Statua di pietra all'ingresso del tempio induista Tirta Empul a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Bali in 5 days: Details from Tirta Empul Temple

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Meditazione davanti alle vasche d'acqua del tempio induista Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Bali in 5 days: Relax in Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Scimmia con cucciolo nella Foresta delle Scimmie di Ubud a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Bali in 5 days: Tender moments in the Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali

5 Day Bali travel itinerary – DAY 3 – Nunggalan beach, Uluwatu temple, Uluwatu beach, Tanah Lot temple

Day three of our Bali travel itinerary of 5 days took us south, on a tour of beaches and temples, in search of authentic experiences and less crowded places. Our first stop was Nunggalan beach, a choice that proved to be apt. To reach it, we had to tackle a steep path of about half an hour, but the wild and unspoilt beauty of the beach more than repaid us for the effort.

We found ourselves on a long stretch of golden sand bathed by crystal-clear waters, surrounded by majestic mountains covered in jungle vegetation, where there must have been at most a dozen people. A shipwreck on the beach adds a touch of mystery, creating the atmosphere of a remote and wild beach, far away from everything and everyone.

After tackling the ascent, we headed for the temple of Uluwatu, located on a cliff with a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea. This temple is one of many built along the coast to protect the island of Bali from the forces of the sea.
Close to the Uluwatu temple is the beach of the same name, which is a popular surfing spot. The beach is nestled below the cliff and you have to walk down a flight of steps to reach it. When you get to the beach, the spectacle is incredible because it is a very small inlet protected by the rocks of the cliff that create a real cave. We stopped at the beach bar above the cliff, from where we could enjoy the beautiful view of the coast and watch the surfers’ acrobatics in the waves.

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Spiaggia di Nunggalan con relitto di nave a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

5 day Bali itinerary: Nunggalan beach

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Spiaggia Uluwatu per il surf in mezzo alle rocce a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

5 day Bali itinerary: Uluwatu beach

Our last stop, scheduled at sunset, was at the temple of Tanah Lot, another temple located on the coast, but this time surrounded by the ocean. The temple of Tanah Lot is located right in the middle of the sea and is only accessible during low tide. It is one of the most photographed places in Bali, which means it is often crowded, especially at sunset. Despite the crowds, it is still worth a visit to admire the magnificent spectacle offered by the Tanah Lot temple in the middle of the sea at sunset.

5 Day Bali itinerary – DAY 4 – Taman Sari, waterfall,  Tibumana waterfall, Goa Rang Reng waterfall, Kanto Lampo waterfall, Batuan temple

Day four of our 5 day Bali itinerary was dedicated to exploring the natural wonders of the island, particularly its waterfalls, which are all located quite close together.
The first waterfall we visited was Taman Sari, and this was probably our favourite. Here, we were able to bathe and enjoy a relaxing shoulder massage under the waterfall.
The second waterfall we explored was Tibumana, which was slightly more crowded than the previous one. To reach it, we followed a path through the jungle, crossing small bamboo bridges. The waterfall is located in a clearing and flows into a small lake below where you can swim.

Our third stop took us to the Goa Rang Reng waterfall, which gushes between rocks and continues into the forest, creating spectacular natural corridors between the rock walls and vegetation.

Next, we headed further south to visit the Kanto Lampo waterfalls, our fourth and final waterfall of the day. These waterfalls are extremely beautiful but very popular with tourists. Along the steps leading up to the falls, long queues of tourists form, wanting to take a photo under the waterfall. In front of the waterfall is a small cave, which can be reached by fording the stream and walking along a path that leads in front of the falls. We recommend you staying for a refreshing bath in the stream!

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Bagno nella cascata Taman Sari in mezzo alle rocce e alla vegetazione a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Bali travel itinerary: Taman Sari waterfall

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Bagno nella cascata Tibumana in mezzo alla giungla a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Bali travel itinerary: Tibumana waterfall

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Cascata Kanto Lampo con acqua che scivola sulle rocce in mezzo alla natura a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Bali travel itinerary: Kanto Lampo waterfall

We ended the 4th day of our Bali travel itinerary with a visit to the Pura Peseh Desa Batuan temple, which is located nearby and is of considerable size. This temple is less frequented by tourists than others, despite its beauty and size. Here, we were able to enjoy an hour of tranquillity, walking inside the temple complex, away from the hustle and bustle.

5 Day Bali itinerary – DAY 5 – Tegenungan waterfall, carpenter’s neighbourhood, Campuhan Ridge walk

On the fifth day of our Bali itinerary for 5 days to explore Ubud in Bali and the surrounding areas, we headed to the famous Tegenungan waterfall, one of the largest and most popular on the island. The waterfall is absolutely stunning, but you must keep in mind that it is very popular with tourists. Therefore, we strongly advise you to visit it early in the morning to avoid the crowds.
There is also a bar overlooking the waterfall, with a viewing terrace and a swimming pool, where you can enjoy a spectacular view.

After admiring the waterfall, we headed to the carpenters’ quarter, known for its handicraft workshops that specialise in creating works of art from rough wooden logs. There are finely crafted statues and paintings carved to the smallest detail of any size, even life-size.

In the afternoon, we explored the areas surrounding the centre of Ubud, in particular the forest and rice paddies that extend close to the town and can be crossed by two footpaths that start directly from the centre of Ubud in Bali. The first is the Campuhan Ridge walk, while the second is known as Sweet Orange. Both of these walks offer breathtaking views of Bali’s lush nature and are a great way to relax, soak up the island’s atmosphere and connect with its natural beauty.

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Negozio di artigianato di statue e quadri in legno a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Carpenter's shop

Ubud a Bali cosa vedere -Bagno nella cascata Tegenungan sotto alle rocce a Bali in Indonesia - 5 day bali itinerary

Tegenungan waterfall

We also spent an additional day on this island, during which we visited the island of Nusa Penida.
As you have read, our trip to Bali was an intense experience with a rather tight schedule in order to visit as many places as possible, but there was no shortage of moments of relaxation in the temples and nature, which helped to make the trip truly special. We hope you found this article useful as a starting point for planning your Bali itinerary!

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