Unwind in Paradise: 10 Breathtaking Beaches of Conero Riviera


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Gli ombrelloni bianchi sulla sabbia dorata e il mare blu della spiaggia di Portonovo

The Conero Riviera offers a wide variety of the best beaches in marche region. It is the perfect destination for every type of tourist. Families seeking well-equipped beaches and quality services can find refuge in Marcelli, while fans of nature and outdoor sports may prefer wilder places, such as the charming beach of Mezzavalle.

In this article we will list the different beaches along the Italy marche region coast, with information on how to reach them and a description of what you can find there.

The Italy marche region coast best beaches are located along Conero Riviera, where the majestic mount (of the same name) provides a breathtaking backdrop for beaches with crystal-clear blue waters, is where we take a delightful break every year. The Italy marche regin is blessed with many beaches, each with its own unique characteristics, to satisfy the needs and tastes of every visitor: here are the ones you can’t miss!

The most authentic of Conero Riviera near Portonovo: Mezzavalle and “il Trave”

For its wild atmosphere and its closeness to nature, Mezzavalle is our favorite.

To reach the beach, there are two paths that run down the coast. One of the paths has a paid parking lot nearby. The walk down the steep path takes about 20 minutes. With a kajak or a SUP is also very easy to reach the beach from the beaches located in the north of Portonovo. 

Mezzavalle beach is a long stretch of white sand and pebbles. Although it is not equipped, there is a bar/restaurant, toilets, and showers available. To the north of the beach is the Trave rock, a long pier with an abandoned building that is particularly impressive when visited at dawn.

We have dedicated an article to this beautiful beach, which we have shared below!

Spiagge della Riviera del Conero - La sabbia di ciottoli e il mare azzurro della spiaggia di Mezzavalle nel Conero

Mezzavalle beach

Best beaches in Marche for families: Marcelli Beach

Marcelli Beach is located south of Numana and offers a different experience than Mezzavalle. There are several well-maintained beach establishments with all the necessary amenities, including excellent restaurants.

The Marcelli promenade, located behind the beach, offers parking facilities and pleasant evening strolls. The beach is characterized by golden sand and clear blue water.

The beach of San Michele and the beach Sassi Neri

San Michele beach is situated in Sirolo and can be accessed via footpaths that originate from the paid parking lot near the Sirolo cemetery. The path is less challenging than the one leading to Mezzavalle beach. The beach is partially equipped and also offers free areas.

The northern part of the beach is a free zone that extends to the area known as Sassi Neri. This beach is perfect for those who prefer rocks over sand. However, caution is advised as it is located under an escarpment and there is a risk of falling rocks.

Conero’s most beautiful beach: Le Due Sorelle

Le Due Sorelle beach is probably the most beautiful beach of the region and certainly the most famous beach of the Conero coast. Accessible only by sea, either by boat, by kayak or SUP (which can be hired at nearby establishments) or by ferry, this little paradise offers crystal-clear blue waters, white sand and pebbles. Behind it, the majestic Mount Conero and Passo del Lupo offer spectacular views of the Two Sisters and nearby Sirolo beach.

The name of this stunning beach derives from two imposing rocks situated to the north, which act as ‘guardians’ for visitors arriving from Portonovo. We have dedicated a full article to this magnificent beach, providing helpful information on how to access it and how to enjoy peaceful moments away from the throngs of tourists who visit it daily.

Vela Beach

Accessible either on foot from Portonovo beach or by sea, Vela beach is located to the south of Portonovo bay. Its name comes from the imposing sail-like rock that stands in front of the beach. This stretch of coastline is very wild and offers no beach facilities, while the southern end is a nudist area. The beach is characterized by pebbles and rocks and is home to the charming little white church of Santa Maria di Portonovo.

The Passetto

The Passetto beach is located in Ancona and is a small beach composed mainly of rocks. It is accessible by a path or stairs starting from the parking lot above the cliffs. What makes this beach special and fascinating is the presence of the Passetto Caves, closed by colored doors, where fishermen used to leave all their fishing equipment.

Spiagge della Riviera del Conero - I due scogli, la sabbia bianca e il mare blu della Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle

Due Sorelle beach

Spiagge della Riviera del Conero - Romantico tramonto sullo scoglio della spiaggia del Passetto nel Conero


Spiagge della Riviera del Conero - La spiaggia di ciottoli e lo scoglio della Vela a Portonovo nel Conero

Vela beach

Seagulls (“Gabbiani”) Beach

“Gabbiani” Beach is located north of Two Sisters Beach and is a very small white sandy beach that is only accessible by sea, using a private vehicle such as a SUP or kayak. Due to possible landslides from the overhanging cliff above, this beach may not always be accessible due to municipal regulations.

The two bays of Portonovo on the Conero coast.

In Portonovo there are two enchanting coves: one to the south, bordering the beach of Vela, and one to the north, near the beach of Mezzavalle. Both beaches are characterized by pebbles and offer crystal clear and clean water.

The beauty of Portonovo is mainly due to its position at the foot of mount, whose imposing green, overgrown profile dominates the background of the beaches. Among the seaside resorts along the Conero Riviera coast, this area is perhaps the most difficult to reach due to limited parking facilities, but we guarantee that it is well worth the effort to visit this extraordinary place.

There are some bathing establishments in the coves that in the evening turn into romantic restaurants with tables directly on the beach, offering you a special evening. 

Spiagge della Riviera del Conero - La caletta di sabbia bianca della selvaggia spiaggia dei Gabbiani nel Conero

Gabbiani beach

Spiagge della Riviera del Conero - Spiaggia bianca e mare azzurro e cristallino nella Baia di Portonovo

The bay of Portonovo

We have shared with you our favorite beaches that can be discovered in this area of the italian Adriatic coast, each with its own uniqueness and beauty. We hope that our article has awoken your desire to explore this extraordinary area and experience its uncontaminated nature, as it represents a small jewel of Italy. We wish you a pleasant continuation of your reading and, as always, … trip to try!

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