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Munich is truly a fascinating city, full of interesting sites to visit and engaging activities that can satisfy every type of tourist.

Between museums, parks and traditional beer gardens, this city offers a wide range of experiences and there are a lot of things to see in one day in Munich. Here’s our “1 day Itinerary Munich”!

What to see in Munich in 1 day

We were lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Munich during our recent trip to southern Germany. In one intense day, we managed to explore several fascinating places and discover some of the city’s historic breweries. This day was a complete immersion in Bavarian culture and tradition, so here is our list of places and things to do that cannot be missed on a visit to Munich in 1 day.

1 day Itinerary Munich: Nymphenburg Palace and its park

The Nymphenburg Palace and its beautiful park are definitely two things to see in one day in Munich. Nymphenburg Palace is located just outside the centre of Munich but is easily accessible by public transport and by car and it’s where our “One day itinerary Munich” starts. Its history dates back to 1600, when it was built in honour of the heir to the throne, Maximilian Emmanuel. Later, during the 1700s, the palace was considerably extended.

The tour inside the Nymphenburg Palace will take you through the rooms of the king’s and queen’s flats, where you can admire some interesting rooms, including:

The Green Chamber, where Ludwig II, the famous king who later built the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein, was born;
The Gallery of the Beauties of King Ludwig I, where portraits of noble and not-so-noble women, all of whom are assumed to have been lovers of the king, hang.

Adjacent to the Palace, you will also find the Carriage Museum and the Porcelain Museum.

Although the Nymphenburg Palace is stunning, the surrounding park is equally impressive in its beauty and vastness.

This estate covers an area of 200 hectares and is divided into two parts by a canal that continues beyond the palace, within the city itself. The park follows the model of the typical English garden, with impeccable green lawns that gradually turn into woods and waterways as you move away from the palace. If you wander through the park, you will also discover other small castles, such as the oriental-style Pagodenburg or the Badenburg.

Within the park, you will also find a large and enchanting botanical garden. Nearby, there is a café with outdoor tables offering food service, a perfect place to relax and enjoy a break during your visit to Nymphenburg Park.

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere in un giorno - Colori rossi e verdi nel parco del Palazzo di Nymphenburg a Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

Munich one day itinerary: Nymphenburg park

One day Itinerary Munich: the stalls of the Viktualienmarkt in Munich’s Old Town

The Viktualienmarkt is a must-see in one day in Munich. It’s the most famous open-air market in Munich’s Old Town and is located on a square near St. Peter’s Church. Unlike normal markets of this type, the Viktualienmarkt is open every day from morning to evening, except Sundays.

The stalls at the Viktualienmarkt are all painted green and sell mainly gifts, flowers and food of all kinds. The stalls selling local products change according to the season, so you might find fresh mushrooms straight from the Munich mountains during late summer and autumn. This market is a great place to discover the local cuisine and typical products of the region. There’s even a Munich beer garden where you can sit at tables and enjoy a good beer with local specialities like ‘wurstel’ (sausages) or ‘pretzels’ (pretzel).

Since you’ll probably be in the city centre during your trip, the Viktualienmarkt is definitely one place to put on your ‘Munich one day itinerary’!

Munich one day itinerary: The Neuhauser Straße from Karlsplatz to Marienplatz in Munich’s Old Town

The Neuhauser Straße is a pedestrian street connecting Marienplatz, the heart of Munich’s old town, with Karlsplatz. Along this street, which leads from the city to Munich’s old town, you’ll find lots of shop windows of various types of shops, including stores such as Lego, fashion boutiques, international chain shops and local craft shops.

The entrance from Karlsplatz is pretty special thanks to the impressive medieval gate called Karlstor, which has two towers and a crenellated structure. The street ends in the south-west part of Marienplatz, which is one of the main squares in Munich’s old town.

Although this street doesn’t fit the classic definition of a ‘monument’, it’s definitely worth seeing in Munich. It’s one of the most popular places for shopping and is one of the most important streets leading to Munich’s old town.

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - Vista di Neuhauser Straße da Karlsplatz a Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

Munich one day itinerary: Karlstor and Neuhauser Straße

The most important thing to see in one day in Munich: Marienplatz

What to see in Munich in 1 day? Absolutely Marienplatz! Marienplatz is the main and most famous square in Munich’s old town. This place is probably the first thing to see in Munich and the most famous.

On the north side of the square stands the majestic ‘modern’ City Hall, a neo-Gothic building known for its clock tower housing the Glockenspiel, one of the world’s largest chimes.

On the eastern side of the square is the Old Town Hall, a white building, also in neo-Gothic style, which currently houses the Toy Museum, where a large collection of historical toys can be discovered.

The other sides of the square are surrounded by newer buildings with outdoor terraces and shops, making Marienplatz a vibrant and lively place.

In the centre of the square, you will find the Fish Fountain and the Madonna Column.

On the north-west corner of the ‘modern’ City Hall is the Wurmeck, an iron statue of a dragon climbing up the façade of the building with its jaws wide open. The story of this dragon is told in the stone reliefs on the façade, according to which the dragon appeared in the centre of Munich during the Middle Ages and spread the plague, until a few brave citizens managed to kill it.

Marienplatz is definitely one of the most important things to see in a visit of one day in Munich!

1 day itinerary Munich: The lighting of the Glockenspiel!

The Glockenspiel is definitely the most fun thing to see in Munich in 1 day, but you’ll have to be on time not to miss this spectacle! The Munich Glockenspiel is a fascinating spectacle that activates at set times during the day, with an extra time during the months of March to October. The activation times are 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 5 p.m. (the extra time) and 9 p.m. Following our “One day itinerary Munich” we saw the lighting of the Glockenspiel at 5 p.m..

The carillon consists of 32 life-size statues and as many as 43 bells, and is structured on two distinct levels:

The upper level depicts a wedding scene between Wilhelm V of Bavaria and his consort Renata of Lothringia, with a joust of knights competing.
The lower level represents the dance of the coopers, who returned to dancing after the defeat of the plague in the 16th century.

The start of the show is announced by the ringing of bells about five minutes before it begins. The show lasts about ten minutes, during which you will be caught with your nose in the air by Marienplatz. At the end of the show, the crowing of the golden rooster in the upper niche of the Glockenspiel marks its conclusion.

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - Itinerario in Baviera - Monaco di Baviera Il carillon Glockenspiel a Marienplatz a Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

1 day Itinerary Munich: the lighting of the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - Il drago Wurmeck si arrampica su un edificio di Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

1 day Itinerary Munich: The Wurmeck

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - Il soffitto decorato della Hofbrauhaus a Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

1 day Itinerary Munich: Ceiling in Hofbrauhaus, a beer hall in Munich

Munich one day itinerary: Hofbrauhaus, the Munich brewery

Bavaria is world-renowned for its brewing tradition, and Munich is its undisputed capital. If you visit Munich in 1 day, a stop at a brewery is a must! The city is home to numerous breweries, some of which have a long history, such as the Hofbrauhaus, a Munich brewery that dates back to the 16th century and is owned by the Munich government. This brewery is located in the historical centre of Munich.

Inside this Munich brewery, you will find a unique and convivial atmosphere. The brewery is characterised by long tables with wooden benches, which extend into the different rooms and the inner courtyard. It is a place where you can breathe in authentic Bavarian tradition, with singing, bands performing and pints of beer flowing abundantly.

These beer gardens also offer a selection of traditional Bavarian food, including sandwiches, pretzels and typical dishes. You can enjoy dishes such as sausages, sauerkraut, beer chicken and sausages of various kinds, which go perfectly with the local beers.

A special feature of the Hofbrauhaus is the sale of Hofbrauhaus tokens, a kind of ‘brewery coin’. This tradition harks back to the old days when patrons paid for beer in tokens. One token corresponds to one mug of beer, and if you buy ten, you get one free.

One day itinerary Munich: Munich Royal Residence and its gardens

The Munich Royal Residence, located in the heart of the old town, is a place of great historical and architectural importance and is definitely one of the things to see in Munich in 1 day. A visit to this sumptuous residence requires at least two to three hours of your time to explore the entire complex, which has been the home of dukes, princes and kings who have ruled Bavaria over the centuries.

A significant part of this building was rebuilt following the damage suffered during the bombings of World War II and has undergone many transformations over the centuries, adapting to the tastes and styles of its various occupants. This is reflected in the different rooms, each built in a unique style, ranging from Renaissance to Gothic, Rococo to Oriental.

During the visit, there are a few rooms not worth missing:

  • Cuvilliés Theatre: this small Rococo-style theatre was used exclusively for court performances. Today it hosts performances at set times and is open to the public during the afternoon. It is a fascinating example of Italian Baroque theatre;
  • Antiquarium: this is the oldest room in the Residence, initially used to display collections of antiquities and later transformed into a ballroom, with its length of almost 70 metres;
  • Marble Rooms: these rooms are completely lined with different coloured marbles and were mainly used as an exclusive wing for royal guests, such as the emperor and his wife, when they visited Munich.
  • Royal Treasures Section: here you can admire jewellery and weapons decorated with precious stones on display, offering a glimpse into the wealth and prestige of the royal house of Bavaria.

1 day Itinerary Munich: the English Garden

The English Garden in Munich is a great green space to check out. It’s located north of the Royal Residence and is definitely worth putting on your ‘1 day Itinerary Munich’. This ‘garden’ is actually a vast park covering an area of over 370 hectares, making it one of the largest city parks in the world. It was originally created in the 1800s and was initially reserved only for the military, but was later opened to the entire population, becoming a meeting and sharing place for people from all walks of life.

In the park there are waterfalls, streams and ponds alternating with expanses of grass, hillocks and interesting buildings such as the Monopteros and the Japanese Tea House.

If you want to explore this huge park, you can rent a bike or scooter, which will let you cover more ground in less time.

In the winter, they set up an ice rink. In the sunny months, the park is popular with students, sports fans, people relaxing in the sun, and even surfers training near the waterfalls.

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - Il piccolo ed elegante teatro Cuvilliés della Residenza di Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

1 day itinerary Munich: Cuvilliés Theatre

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - Il grande e decorato Antiquarium della Residenza di Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

1 day itinerary Munich: Antiquarium

Monaco di Baviera cosa vedere - La natura verde e rossa ai Giardini Inglesi a Monaco di Baviera - 1 day itinerary munich

1 day itinerary Munich: the English Garden

As you may have read, Munich is a city that has a lot to offer visitors and there are plenty of things to see in Munich in 1 day that offer different experiences! You can stroll through the parks, or stop for a good beer between visits to the castles and watch the entertaining spectacle of the Glockenspiel lighting! If you want to know more about Bavaria, we also recommend reading the related articles and above all… trip to try!

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