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Consigli su Santorini - Il mare blu, le rocce nere e le case bianche dai tetti azzurri della caldera di Santorini - tips for visiting Santorini

Undoubtedly, one of the most magical and fascinating sunsets occurs on Santorini.

This natural spectacle is one of the most photographed in the world, characterised by the picturesque blue domes that dot the small alleyways overlooking the island, as the sun slowly sinks over the horizon of the sea opposite.

Which is the best place to watch Santorini sunset? Here are 4 useful tips to enjoy and find the best sunset in Santorini!

The best place for sunset Santorini: 4 useful tips

Santorini’s sunsets are some of the most beautiful and famous in the world: the sun resting on the blue sea in front of the black caldera covered with white houses and roofs the colour of the sea is a view worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. We have been to Santorini, staying in both Fira and Oia and we never missed a sunset, in fact it was the one thing to see that absolutely could not miss on any day of our holiday. Whether in Fira or Oia, the sunset in Santorini is a unique moment that we would all like to experience in relaxation and away from the throngs of tourists.

But, which is the best place for sunset in Santorini? Unfortunately, during the summer period, and not just the high season, the likelihood of finding yourself scampering through the crowds and almost not being able to see the sunset in Santorini is very high! In this article we try to give you some useful tips based on our experience so that you can enjoy this special moment and find the best place to watch Santorini sunset!

Here are some useful tips on how and where to see the sunset in Santorini and how you can enjoy this moment in peace!

When to go to see the best sunset in Santorini

Santorini, being an island, is mainly a tourist destination during the summer. The months of June, July and August represent the high season, when tourist numbers are at their peak.

If you have the opportunity, consider visiting the island in May, September or even October instead, if you still want to enjoy some sun and sea during the day.

If you are not interested in beaches but want to visit the island just to watch the sunset in Santorini and visit the villages, the months of February, March or November are an option. Temperatures are higher than in Italy even during these months, they could easily reach 20 °C or more.

We received the valuable information from the owner of our accommodation in Oia that during these months the island is practically devoid of tourists, and the village empties out completely, leaving only the locals, who number just over a hundred!

Ultimately, if your aim is to see the sunset on Santorini when there are still few tourists on the island and you also want to enjoy some nice days by the sea, we recommend you opt for late spring or early autumn, months such as April, May, September and October being the best.

Santorini sunset best place: Fira or Oia?

Santorini has two main towns, Fira and Oia, but the famous sunset photos are mainly taken in the latter. So, if you want to see exactly what you have admired in photos, you should head for this town. And we can confirm that the best place to watch Santorini sunset is probably Oia.

The only drawback is that many tourists visit Oia to witness the best sunset spectacle on Santorini, especially during the summer months, which may result in difficulties due to traffic or, if you can make it, dense crowds along the narrow streets. Some even climb on rooftops, to the ‘happiness’ of the locals.

So, if you go in summer, we do not recommend watching the sunset from the alleys because it is really tricky, but more about that below!

Fira is less crowded, but make no mistake, the sunset here is still very impressive! The centre is charming, full of clubs and shops. Therefore, we recommend that you also visit this town at least once.

Consequently, the answer to the question ‘Which is the best place for sunset in Santorini: Fira or Oia?’ is Oia but in ‘strategic places’ as we explain below, otherwise Fira if you want to see the sunset walking through the alleys.

Dove vedere il tramonto a Santorini - Romantico tramonto sul mare a Fira in Santorini - best place for sunset in santorini

Best place for sunset in Santorini: Sunset in Fira

The best place for sunset in Santorini: alternative places

Apart from Fira and Oia, there are many other places to watch the sunset in Santorini and enjoy the spectacle of the sun setting over the sea.

Just above Fira, there is a small village called Imerovigli. Here, you can find accommodation and clubs, but the place is considerably less crowded and quieter. There are a few bars and restaurants where you can admire the sun setting over the sea while having a drink or dinner.

Another good alternative is to explore the footpaths that wind along the coastal road instead of staying in the towns. There are numerous opportunities to take walks and enjoy the sunset along the west coast of the island. You may even see from afar the spectacle of the lights of the towns turning on, creating an atmospheric sight.

If you prefer to enjoy this moment during an aperitif or dinner, along the main road south from Fira you will find several places with panoramic terraces overlooking the caldera, offering breathtaking views. Cantina Santo, for instance, is one such place.

The best place to watch Santorini sunset: How to enjoy the Oia sunset

There is no denying that of the various options available, not visiting Oia to watch the sunset would be a shame! Undoubtely the best sunset in Santorini is in Oia. Even in high season, it is possible to do so, but there are two things to avoid:

Arriving in the village just before sunset: you may not be able to get there in time due to traffic or you may not find parking if you are driving;
Hoping to freely enjoy the view of the caldera while walking through the alleys: this is impractical, as you will be trapped like sardines in a tin.

Therefore, if you are not staying on site, we recommend that you leave after lunch and use the afternoon hours to explore the centre, where you will find plenty of clubs and shops ideal for shopping.

At sunset time Oia is very popular and many clubs with panoramic views are booked in advance and are often fully booked, so we recommend that you book a restaurant or club with a panoramic view in advance to ensure you have a place to watch the Oia sunset.

One very important thing you should definitely take into account is that the sunset over the sea is not visible from all positions in the caldera.

The town is built on a kind of ‘point’ that divides it between a part facing the caldera to the south and a part facing west. Therefore, if you want to book a restaurant to watch the sunset over the sea, make sure it is on the west coast and faces the wider Ammoudi bay.

Of course, the same advice applies if you are staying in the village. In that case, in addition to the location, we suggest you book a hotel with a beautiful terrace, as we did, or rooms with a view (perhaps with a private pool… although they are expensive, they might be worth it).

Also check in which location the sun sets before choosing a room on the caldera, often even the most expensive locations with a pool might have a covered view and therefore not be able to fully enjoy this moment!

We hope we have provided you with valuable information about how to find the best place to watch Santorini sunset so that you can make the best possible arrangements to go and see the magical and romantic sunsets that this wonderful island has to offer! Stay connected with us via the newsletter and social channels and as always… trip to try!

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